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Dubo Law LLC is a comprehensive and skilled legal firm serving counties throughout Maryland. Wrongful death is one of our specialties. In many cases, we represent clients who were injured as a result of negligence. But when a person dies as a result of that negligence, the circumstances change. In that case, we often represent the parents, children, and close family members of the deceased in achieving justice and compensation. Plaintiffs can file a wrongful death claim up to three years following the death of their family member, and our legal firm will represent them to the point of a settlement or a jury trial – if necessary. Our attorney, Neil Dubovsky, has plenty of experience and the status as one of Maryland’s top 100 civil trial lawyers on his side. You can trust our firm with your case.

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Understanding Wrongful Death Claims in Maryland

It is important to understand that you have avenues available to you as a surviving family member. You can be compensated for pain, suffering, and emotional distress. We believe that filing a wrongful death lawsuit will help bring relief and deliver a satisfactory result – especially when you trust Dubo Law LLC with your case. Under state law, wrongful death claims are available to plaintiffs in both personal injury and medical malpractice cases, both of which we have extensive experience dealing with in Maryland. But it is also important to understand how complicated and confusing these cases can be, making securing the services of our attorney all the more essential.

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At Dubo Law Firm, we want to help ease your suffering in the best way we can. The grieving process is hard enough without the knowledge that the negligence of another person contributed to the passing of your loved one. We can help you achieve some closure on the legal front so that you can continue with the grieving process unhindered by these legal issues. Our attorney is not only considered to be a highly-effective attorney, but he has always gained a reputation for being empathetic for his clients. You can trust him to deliver closure to you and your family.

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