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Legal Assistance Following Motorcycle Accidents

As popular as motorcycles are, they carry some significant risks. The immense safety risks associated with riding motorcycles on the roadways can lead to devastating consequences. Our Maryland clients know they can trust us to deliver on our promise of zealous and aggressive representation in Court.

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We Represent You Zealously and Aggressively

At Dubo Law Firm, we have perfected our techniques for representing clients who have been in a motorcycle accident. Our team understands the rules of the road and the ways in which a biker can be injured on the streets. We litigate aggressively and zealously on your behalf.

Five Tips for Avoiding Future Accidents

Fortunately for motorcycle enthusiasts, there are things you can do to prevent the most significant of injuries sustained during motorcycle accidents. Many motorists have trouble sharing the road with bikers, leading to accidents. These simple tips can help save your life and prevent an accident down the line.

Practice Makes Perfect

Motorcycles operate differently than cars, so it is essential to gain total control over the bike before you begin taking it on the road. We recommend trying it in parking lots and side streets until you feel safe.

Perform a Systems Check

Make a habit of performing a thorough examination of your motorcycle each time before you ride it. Check the tire pressure and tread depth. Ensure the hand and foot brakes operate correctly and make sure you have functioning headlights and taillights.

Ride Responsibly

Always follow the traffic laws in Maryland. Doing so goes a long way toward preventing accidents with other vehicles. That includes the speed limit, lane markings, and lights.

Refrain from Drug or Alcohol Use

While this is not limited to motorcycles, this is still good advice to follow. At Dubo Law, we have seen first-hand the devastating impacts driving under the influence can have.

Wear a Helmet

It might seem like common sense, but many motorcyclists do not follow this rule, despite the obvious protection a helmet provides. Wearing one can be the difference between life and death, so we recommend finding one you like and wearing it.

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