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Lucky for those involved in hit and run accident in the State of Maryland it is considered a criminal offense and it can result in jail time for those who fled the scene. If you find yourselves in this situation do not hesitate to call Dubo Law since we have the knowledge and experience to help you with any legal matters regarding hit and run accident in Maryland.

Our Baltimore car accident lawyers will provide you with free, no-obligation consultation and will make sure to properly evaluate the case, provide insight and lead you step by step through your case. Nonetheless, good communication is very important, and clients will be free to call and ask any questions concerning their case. Car accidents can be a very stressful experience and they can lead to some serious mental and psychical consequences. For us, it is very important to provide clients with trustworthy service and someone whom they can rely on.

What is Considered a Hit and Run?

The term itself means to cause a car accident or traffic collision and leave the place of an accident i.e., run away from the scene of a crime.

As in other cases involving car accidents, the hit and run situation involves two parties, one of which is to be found guilty of causing it. It can involve collision with another vehicle, pedestrian, or stationary object.

The hard part of this type of situation is that sometimes the victims can’t identify the driver or vehicle that caused the accident, and, in some situations, it can have fatal consequences. It is sufficient to mention that the decision of a driver to flee the scene is the worst and most irresponsible thing since you fail to stop and check the victim’s state. We also must mention that there is responsibility of driving another passenger, some of whom can be your own child.

Hit and Run, What Happens?

  • You should immediately call 911 and ambulance
  • Give your ID and contact as well as the contact info of other party (if familiar)
  • Help those who need assistance
  • Provide insurance information to the police
  • Call Dubo Law attorneys at (443) 275-6345

How Can You Prove and Identify Hit and Run Driver

  • Use cameras to your advantage, since they are everywhere nowadays, and you can use those video footage to identify the irresponsible driver
  • You can try to talk with people who were around or working near the place where the accident occurred. It may happen that some witness saw the license plate number or type (color) of the vehicle
  • You can go to the police by yourself, or you can contact Dubo Law, and we can contact them for you if you are still recovering from an accident. Also, by instructing us to contact the police, you can prevent yourself from making some mistakes that can cost you more than you can benefit from this situation.
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What You Should Not Do if You Are a Victim of Hit and Run Accident

  • Under no circumstance should you leave the scene or go after the other party
  • Provide any information about the accident to anyone who is not police
  • Admit or deny anything
  • Pay attention to any documents that you sign other than those given by the police
  • Go to the car shop and repair the car immediately after the accident
  • No social media

Penalties And Maryland Laws on Hit And Run Accidents

Maryland law on hit and run accidents is very complex. We will just mention some of the penalties one can face and applicable laws. As we already mentioned before, it is very important not to ignore the laws of the State of Maryland, of which two most important are statute of limitations and contributory negligence.

Maryland Statute of Limitations

By law you have three years to act against the driver who fled the scene, but our advice is not to wait and to contact the attorney immediately. Dubo Law can provide you with three pieces of advice:

  • File the claim when the driver is arrested.
  • Contact us to check what you should do if the driver is not arrested.
  • This type of accident can also involve wrongful death of loved ones and we can also provide you with service of filing the claim for it.

Maryland Contributory Negligence

Maryland is one of the four states in the U.S. that follows the rule of contributory negligence. This rule concerns personal injury cases, and it is used as a defense tool. It states that if you, as the injured party, contributed to your own injury the suspect can use this tool to prevent you from recovering your compensation. Here is another reason why you should contact us at your earlier convenience to prevent hit-and-run driver from going unpunished.

Penalties for Leaving the Scene in Maryland

Hit and run drivers will of course face penalties for fleeing the accident place. This can include getting 8 to 12 points down from their driver’s license, fines and even jail time.

The maximum fine for committing hit and run and damaging another person vehicle is 500$. On the other hand, if the victim is badly injured, the fine can go up to 5,000$. If the accident resulted in death of a victim, the fine increases up to 10,000$.

When it comes to jail time that driver will serve if arrested, it goes from two months up 10 years in prison depending again on how severe are the injuries that the victim suffered.

If a driver hit and damage someone’s vehicle and leave the scene, he/she will serve 60 days in jail. If the victim is severely injured, driver will serve 5 years in jail. If the accident resulted in death of the other person, driver will serve 10 years in jail.

Why Do People Flee the Scene After Car Accident?

There are many reasons why someone commits this crime, but none of it should be justified by any means. Here are some possible reasons why one flees the scene:

  • The driver drives the stolen vehicle
  • The car belongs to their employer or someone else
  • The driver is an immigrant
  • The driver is transporting something illegal as drugs or weapons
  • The drivers drove under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • The driver doesn’t possess car insurance or a valid license plate
  • There is an arrest warrant against the driver
  • The driver didn’t pay for some tickets
  • Or the driver simply panicked and was scared that he/she caused some fatal accident

Why Hire Maryland Hit and Run Lawyers from Dubo Law?

  • By working aggressively and attentively on our cases we achieved great results thus helping many clients to recover millions of dollars from their car accidents.
  • Dubo Law is a local Maryland hit-and-run law firm. We are familiar with Maryland laws and most importantly, as a local firm, we are acquainted with local judges and the court system.
  • What is important for you to know about Dubo Law is that there is no risk for you as a client. You don’t owe us anything unless you fully recover your finances from the accident. No recovery no fee!
  • Consultations are free! So, be free to fill out the form below, or you can simply contact us by phone (443)275-6345 or text at (443)870-4329

Baltimore Hit and Run Lawyer: Free Consultation at (443)275-6345

By following all the necessary steps and of course by hiring car accident attorney, the entire process will be easier and less painful for you. When you are recovering from an accident the whole journey can be both mentally and physically challenging, and it is convenient to have someone who will advocate on your behalf.

Dubo Law firm has many years of experience dealing with all types of car accidents. We will make sure to find the person responsible and most importantly, we have the possibilities and resources available so we can additionally help your case by providing all documents and statements. Contact us today for free, no-obligation consultation.

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