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Have you or someone you love had a car accident in Owings Mills recently? If so, certain procedures should be attended to. You must recover from the accident, but insurance companies won’t wait. You have limited time to file a claim but are confused with complicated legal matters and don’t know where to start. That is understandable. But cheer up. You have already taken the first step to recover your emotional and economic losses. Yes, you are just one click away from hiring Neil Dubovsky and his team at Dubo Law.

As one of the best personal injury lawyers in Baltimore County, we have been helping people injured in car accidents for over two decades. Neil will ensure no one strips the justice you deserve or devaluates your injury. You can trust our car accident lawyers in Owings Mills to make you fully compensated for pain and suffering, medical bills, injuries, lost wages, lost quality of life and more.

You have found the right, professional legal representation who will deeply understand your needs and the specific situation you have experienced. Dubo Law can win the most complicated cases and years of tireless work for our satisfied clients are proof of our expertise.

Our Attorneys Can Help With These Car Accident Cases

The type of your accident doesn’t change the quality of our work. It just changes the procedure and the case difficulty. Our best-voted Owings Mills car accident attorneys are experts in winning cases that include any of the following:

Rollover Accidents

This is one of the deadliest accidents you can experience. The case might seem complex, but it’s not challenging for our team. Call us, and together we can win your case so you can get compensation for lost wages, pain and suffering, medical and other expenses resulting from the rollover crash.

Hit and Run Accidents

Hit and Run is considered a criminal offense in Maryland. The difficulty with this type of crash is that the victims may sometimes be unable to identify the driver or vehicle responsible for the accident. We have the expertise and legal procedures to help you win these complex cases.

Drunk Driving Accidents and DUI

Vehicle collisions caused by drunk driving can be very dangerous, usually life-threatening. We often see how drunk driving accidents can ruin an individual’s life. Our attorneys stand up for those who seek legal advice, and we are dedicated to fighting for your rights.

Highway Crashes

Highway accidents are very common due to the high speeds vehicles are traveling. It’s easy to lose control and crash. If you are a victim of this kind of accident, we have your case covered. Rest assured that Dubo Law Firm will provide you the justice you deserve.

Speeding Accidents

Speeding crashes, unfortunately, happen every day. Luckily, we are experts in finding the right methods for you to win the case. Our team will deal with the insurance company whether you are injured or not. Learn here useful information about speeding crashes on this page.

Single Vehicle Accidents

If you crashed your vehicle but know it is not your fault – hire us! There are many reasons for a single car accident, from vehicle defects to road malfunctioning. No matter the reason, we will ensure your victory in the case against the insurance company. Follow this link to read about the case when no one else was involved in a car accident.

There are more situations where Dubo Law car crash attorneys can help you with:

Some Owings Mills Roads and Intersections are Dangerous

The town is growing in population and slowly getting bigger each year. New roads and intersections are being built, which means there will be more traffic in the years to come. Here’s the list of some of the most dangerous roads in Owings Mills:

  • Owings Mills Boulevard at the entrance to I-795 South
  • Owings Mills Boulevard at Reisterstown Road
  • Owings Mills Boulevard at Crondall Lane
  • Reisterstown Road at MD-130/Greenspring Valley Road
  • Reisterstown Road at Rosewood Lane
  • Reisterstown Road at Painters Mill Road
  • Northwest Expressway near Nicodemus Road
  • I-795/Northwest Expressway exits near Owings Mills
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We Don’t Create Cases, We Create Relationships!

Every time we get a call from a client, we start investigating. The investigation includes finding the guilty party and gathering as much evidence as possible so we can use it in court. We came across many different challenges throughout our business years. Hit and Run accidents, for example, it’s hard to find the one who committed the crime. But our team never gives up on our clients! We collect every piece of useful information and bring it to the clients, and then they need to decide whether they want to bring it to the court.

Meet Our Car Accident Lawyers in Owings Mills

Baltimore Birth Injury Attorney at Dubo Law

Neil Dubovsky, Founder and Principal of Dubo Law

Right after finishing Baltimore School in 2002, he started his law firm and has been successful ever since. Neil was rated as one of the Top 100 Civil Trial Lawyers in Maryland by the National Trial Lawyers Association. He was also selected for 2023 Maryland Super Lawyers and received an AV Preeminent rating from Martindale Hubbell. He defended his colleagues in court and became known as a lawyer’s lawyer.

Besides arguing before the Court of Special Appeals, District and Circuit Court, Neil Dubovsky has experience in representing insurance companies too. He has become a real car accident attorney expert because he knows exactly how both sides of the Court function and their goals for the cases!

Kelsey Shindle, Esq.

Although she joined as recently as 2022, Kelsey has been handling personal injury cases for almost a decade. She’s been working tirelessly full-time while finishing her Baltimore School of Law. Kelsey is a hard worker and a wife to another attorney. Her experience as a paralegal gives her an advantage in her career.

Kelsey Shindle Personal Injury Attorney in Baltimore, MD

Why is Dubo Law Firm the Best Car Accident Attorney in Owings Mills, MD?

If you have been in a car accident the last thing you need is to deal with insurance companies, medical bills or other obligations. The whole process is long, and it adds to your own and your family’s stress. Insurance companies can also use the opportunity to pay less to people who aren’t represented by an attorney.

Why do people choose us? We won’t let dismissal or devaluation of justice you deserve because:

  • Neil has been a licensed attorney for more than two decades
  • Our law firm helped recover millions of dollars for victims of car accidents
  • We don’t take too many cases at once, so we can focus more on bringing you quality results
  • We do not request you to pay any fee until the job is finished! We want you not to have any risk at all! No results = no fee!


We are 5-star Voted Injury Attorneys on Google

5-stars rated law firm in maryland

Absolutely Awesome! Extremely proactive with information, limiting having to ask additional questions. Professional and friendly. 10/10 would recommend!

J. Bee, Owings Mills

Extremely professional! Neil and his team are always available for every little question I had no matter how big or small the concern or detail was. Every time I was on the phone with them, there was no rush to get off, or any dismissive gesture to how I felt about any sort of situation. Very understanding to my sensitive needs from what I was dealing with. Highly recommend and my most sincere gratitude!

Christine Hickenh, Owings Mills

I’ve worked with the Dubo Law team, including Neil and Kelsey, and have found them to be nothing short of amazing. They are knowledgeable attorneys who are professional and personable. You’ll be well cared for at Dubo Law!

Beth Rilling, Owings Mills

Maryland Laws to Have in Mind If Involved in Car Crash

Contribute Negligence

The defendant must be 100% guilty of the car accident, and you cannot be even 1% at fault. Maryland is one of the few states with such a harsh negligence doctrine. Most US states practice comparative doctrine, and it pays the bills for both victim and defendant based on the percentage of their guilt.

Maryland practicing contribute negligence means the law is complicated and you can win the case only with highly experienced lawyers. You are lucky you found the best attorney for personal injury cases in Owings Mills. If you need further information about the law or the protection of your rights, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Remember, there is no fee if we don’t recover. In other words: no risk for you!

Statute of Limitations

Statute of Limitation is the limited period within which you can file a lawsuit or a claim. In Maryland, that is three years in general, and the time usually starts from the date of the car accident, but there are some exceptions. Those exceptions are:

  • The guilty is minor or mentally incompetent. The clock starts ticking when the guilty turns 18 or is declared competent.
  • Wrongful death – time starts from the date of death
  • In case of road malfunction, a victim must supply notice of his/her claim before the statute of limitations comes to power.

Our experienced attorneys will explain everything about the statute of limitations and how the claim process works, and you can rest assured you won’t miss anything. Three years might be a long time to file a case, but that’s usually forgotten or unaccountably prolonged. You should file the claim immediately to ensure we have enough time to win the case.

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