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You or your loved one have been injured in a car accident in Hunt Valley? Are you looking for an experienced attorney in this area? Dubo Law, with its founder Neil Dubovsky, has been helping clients in Hunt Valley injured in car accidents regain financial and emotional losses. Dubo Law team believes their clients deserve the best possible legal representation and are committed to providing individual attention. With Neil on your side, you can be positive to have someone who is dedicated and fight for your rights and interests. Hiring the right injury attorney in Hunt Valley to fully compensate for lost income, pain and suffering, and all medical expenses is essential.

Why We Are a Leading Car Accident Attorneys in Hunt Valley?

Neil Dubovsky is an award-winning personal injury lawyer practicing law for two decades. His experience is based on litigations, so he is considered one of the most prominent attorneys in personal injury claims. He and his team are committed to their clients and giving legal advice to those who suffered accident injuries.

  • Client-centered and trustworthy team of attorneys
  • Evaluate and gather all necessary evidence
  • Individual attention and responsive service
  • Our team members are experts in the industry
  • Knowledge of local and state laws
  • No risk for you! No win, no fee.

Meet Our Car Accident Attorneys in Hunt Valley

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Neil Dubovsky

He was born in South Africa but moved to the U.S., where he graduated from the University of Georgia and later enrolled in law school in Baltimore. Neil was rated one of the top 100 lawyers in Maryland state and was selected in 2023. Maryland Super Lawyers list. He litigated cases in Maryland’s District, Circuit, and Appellate Courts and represented fellow attorneys.

Kelsey Shindle, Esq

Kelsey graduated from the University of Delaware with a degree in Political Science and moved to Maryland to pursue a legal career. She worked as a paralegal in Baltimore in a personal injury law firm before she decided to enroll in law school. She graduated from the University of Baltimore Scholl of Law and was admitted to practice law, representing low-income taxpayers in cases before IRS. She joined the Dubo Law team in 2022, and since he contributed with her impressive knowledge.

Kelsey Shindle Personal Injury Attorney in Baltimore, MD

What Steps Should Be Followed After a Car Accident?

Usually, people are terrified and in shock after an accident. Sometimes, they are unsure what to do and which steps to take. Staying calm and completing certain steps is vital to protect yourself and your rights.

Call 911 and Ask for Medical Help

Depending on whether you can exit the vehicle and how serious your injuries are, you should call 911 first. They will send police officers and medical help. Contacting law enforcement sometimes is not necessary, and they often do not even come to the scene because there was not any severe damage and injuries. Calling the police and filing police reports is not mandatory by Maryland law, but it is advisable to do so. In case you are to seek compensation for damage and injuries, the police report holds evidence from the accident scene. Because, after time passes, we forget the actual event and documents get lost or thrown away so having a police report copy may benefit your case.

Accidents cause many types of injuries. It is especially important to ask for medical attention right after the accident. Also, a record of injuries is crucial when building a case against the other party’s negligence. Hospital bills can pile up and cost a fortune. So, asking for medical attention should be taken seriously not to lose the privilege of reimbursement and end up fighting the injury for a long time.

Hunt Valley MD Injury Attorney

Collect Evidence

When seeking compensation, gathering evidence can be a deciding step. We need proof against the other driver, no matter that we are completely sure about his/her fault. The evidence involves police reports, videos and photos, experts’ and witness statements, invoices, bills, and receipts. Depending on the place of an accident, security cameras can cover intersections, city streets and roads, so gathering video footage would not be so hard. Medical experts and witnesses also play big roles in your case. They give their statements about what happened, what they saw and a conclusion based on evidence. If you have been admitted to a hospital or need to replace or repair your vehicle, save receipts and invoices.

Other Important Things

  • Check passengers!
  • Exchange personal and insurance information with another driver
  • Try not to argue or start a fight with the other party. Law enforcement will manage this.
  • Do not sign anything! Other drivers can ask you to sign a paper or a statement that holds payment promises.
  • Everything you say or state can be used against you during the case. Do not talk to people around. Call an attorney at law.

Damages in Car Accidents

Victims of an accident who suffered financial and bodily damages will file compensation claim to recover losses. Besides suffering from economic losses, a victim can develop traumas and mental pain, which is often harder to overcome.

Economic Damages

Financial damages include medical bills, lost income, lost earning capacity, and property damage. Medical bills include immediate treatment, surgery, therapy, hospital stay, medications, etc. The bill at the end can be huge and not all the attention is covered by health insurance. Lost incomes are lost wages/earnings considering the losses when a driver cannot go to work for a short or long time. They include wages, benefits, and back interests.

Sometimes victims suffer from permanent injuries which prevent them from working ever again. An attorney may help you since they can hire financial experts who calculate the losses according to experience, education, age, and job type.

Property damage includes vehicles, traffic signs or a stopping vehicle.

None-economic Damages

It is very hard to calculate these damages since no one can tell how much someone suffered after the accident. Pain and suffering are any type of mental and emotional distress which is caused by accident trauma. The victim may be left with various body scarring, burns, or severed limbs. People who suffer these horrible injuries may end up feeling embarrassed and unconfident. Punitive damages include wrongful death cases and if it is proven that driver cause the accident on purpose.

Cap on Damages in Maryland

A cap on damages limits the amount of money a person can receive for non-economic damages. It includes medical malpractice or other tort cases.

Here is the table of Maryland’s current and future limits:

Cause of Action Arising Maximum Non-economic Damages
January 1, 2023., to December 31, 2023. $875,000
January 1, 2024., to December 31, 2024. $890,000
January 1, 2025., to December 31, 2025. $905,000

Important Maryland Laws in Car Accident Cases

Law can be very tricky and sometimes it can work against you, so it is very important to have legal representative on your side. Attorneys can manage everything from filing the claim, gathering evidence, and representing your rights in from of the court. Here are some of the important Maryland laws concerning car accidents.

Statute of Limitations

The Statute of Limitations is a time limit set by the law for filing a lawsuit for damages compensation. In Maryland, a victim has three years from the accident date to file a claim against the negligent driver. Bear in mind that this deadline cannot be pushed and not meeting it results in inability to file the claim ever again. Lawyers often reject cases with little or no time to prepare the lawsuit. Also, many reports and statements may be lost or thrown away.

There are four exceptions to this law:

  • Minors – time starts from the day they turn 21
  • Wrongful death – time starts from the date of death
  • Government cases – this concerns road malfunction. A victim would have to supply notice of his/her claim before the statute of limitations comes to power.
  • If a person was mentally incapacitated at the moment of an accident, the time starts when he/she is mentally sane again.

Contributory Negligence

The biggest issue when an accident occurs is determining who is at fault. Maryland has the rule of contributory negligence, which states that if you are even 1% at fault for the accident, you won’t be entitled to any compensation. Here is an example. The other driver was drunk, but you were distracted by your phone. You will both share the fault for damages.

The rule can change depending on the state where the accident occurred. If you were traveling and an accident happened in another state, the rule of that state applies. The contributory negligence rule not only binds judges and jury when deciding upon the case but also concerns insurance companies that evaluate the compensation.

At-Fault State

Maryland is at-fault state, which means that the driver who caused the accident by negligence will be liable for losses. Other options can help drivers recover:

  • Personal Injury Claim – If you want to recover damages by filing personal injury claim, you must collect all evidence to prove other party’s negligence. Some payments will be reimbursed at once, while some are pending.
  • Personal Injury Protection – This type of coverage is a part of your insurance policy and can recover some medical bills and part of lost income.

Uninsured and Underinsured Drivers in Maryland

Maryland state law says that every driver must be insured and own $60,000 per accident, $30,000 per person, and $15,000 per property damage. The worst-case scenario for every driver is being involved in an accident with an underinsured or uninsured driver.

  • Underinsured (UIM) – In this situation, the at-fault driver owns the insurance, but the policy is poor. So, the driver does not have enough funds on his insurance to cover the damage fully. The difference should be compensated by his/her insurance.
  • Uninsured (UM) – this type of coverage protects you in a case when the driver who hit you does not have any insurance or he/she committed hit and run. In most hit and run cases, the at-fault driver is never found, so the insurance company will compensate you for damages.

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