Dubo Law is a pedestrian injury accident law firm serving Annapolis that will aggressively fight every step of the way to obtain a fair outcome of your pedestrian case. The choice of the lawyer who will represent you can make a substantial difference in maximizing the value of your case. We will work hard to ensure exclusive representation and that all of your claims are fully pursued, and you are properly compensated.

Hiring a highly experienced Annapolis pedestrian injury lawyer with a longstanding reputation of being a tenacious fighter for a pedestrian accident victim is your best option. Each injury claim is unique and the value will depend on the specific circumstances of your pedestrian accident. Our pedestrian injury attorney will help you determine the value of your claim and ease the financial burden that serious injuries in pedestrian accidents bring. We will deal with extensive paperwork, evidence gathering, case presentation, insurance settlement negotiations, and many other details of your case. Do not wait too long to consult us – Dubo Law is here to answer all the questions you may have.


How Can Annapolis Pedestrian Accident Attorney Help You?

Getting quality legal advice during this challenging time for you is crucial. You probably have a lot of questions. You may not know what to do. You may be seriously injured. You may not know where to start and what to do, but do not worry. The legal team from Dubo Law, a personal injury law firm, knows where to begin and what to do to build a strong case. We will vigorously negotiate a settlement that will meet all your needs on your behalf. It includes:


Determining fault and proving liability

With Maryland being a contributory negligence state, proving liability can sometimes be challenging. According to this rule, if a victim contributed to the accident even 1%, they may be ineligible to receive any compensation. Hiring a good Annapolis pedestrian injury lawyer is essential, as they will navigate the complex legal issues involving contributory negligence. Also, the burden of proving liability by a preponderance of the evidence is on the victim. Once we convince the insurance company or the court that the driver was negligent, we may recover compensation for all the damages related to the accident.

Advising you on appropriate next steps

We have the knowledge and experience to deal with insurance companies. If you feel you deserve more than the settlement you have been offered, then having Dubo Law in your corner is your best move. We are determined to take your case to court if a fair settlement cannot be reached. During our consultations, we will present you with all the options, and you will have the time to decide what is our next step.

Determining monetary damages

We have all the resources and knowledge to determine the value of your case. It includes not only economic damages (medical expenses, the wages lost from work, and any property damage) but also non-economic damages as well. It includes something that is known as pain and suffering, emotional distress as a result of accidents and injuries. It is vitally important to find someone like Dubo Law, who knows all the nuances of the law to put a dollar and cent number on the claim and make your way back to your full self.

Negotiating with insurance companies

Insurance companies tend to offer settlements that are far below what the victim deserves. We recommend that you do not accept the initial offer before speaking to the lawyer, as these offers are rarely fair. The settlement figure may sound adequate, but bills may pile up due to unforeseen complications or slower than expected recovery time. With speedy responses and frequent updates, Dubo Law offers a thorough action plan and is willing to stand behind our clients every step of the way. Insurance companies know our reputation and are aware that we will not hesitate to take your case to court if we cannot negotiate a fair settlement.


Hiring Annapolis Pedestrian Injury Attorney Means Results

  • Results – Neil has helped recover millions of dollars for personal injury victims throughout his career.
  • Reputation – Being extremely direct, honest, clear, and client-friendly, Neil puts his experience work for his clients.
  • Quick Resolution – Dubo Law is committed to a prompt resolution, so we do not take more cases than we know we cannot handle fairly.
  • Experience and Expertise – Neil has generally gained extensive experience in litigation, especially in personal injury litigation, since his graduation in 2002.
  • No Upfront Costs – There is no risk to you due to the contingency fee arrangement – we do not receive any fee unless and until we recover for you.
  • Represented Insurance Companies – Neil spent the first decade of his career representing the insurance companies, so now he uses that knowledge to benefit his clients.
Pedestrian Accident Attorney in Annapolis, MD

Common Causes of Pedestrian Accidents in Annapolis

Both drivers and pedestrians share responsibility for pedestrian safety. Understanding the causes of pedestrian accidents is crucial to reducing the number of pedestrian injuries and deaths each year. According to the statistics common causes of pedestrian accidents in Annapolis are:

  • Distracted drivers
  • Unmarked crosswalks
  • Distracted pedestrians
  • Speeding and aggressive driving
  • Jaywalking
  • Impaired driving
  • Pedestrians and drivers failing to obey traffic signs
  • Drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Pedestrians disregard sidewalks.

What Damages are Available in Pedestrian Accident Settlements?

Damages serve to put the victim back in the position they would have been if the accident had not happened. It may include:

  • Economic damages: Include medical expenses like prescription costs, ongoing physical therapy, disability costs, and many more. Also, property damage and lost wages are in this category.
  • Non-economic damages: Include pain and suffering, emotional distress, loss of enjoyment of life, and many more.

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Great experience, even the bigger results – hiring Dubo Law will ensure a premier legal representation as we work really hard to ensure fair treatment. With us, you will learn what you can expect from Maryland legal system. Our courtesy, passion for the law, and professionalism are the hallmarks of our results-driven law firm. Wait no more, discuss your pedestrian hit in crosswalk settlement with a skilled Annapolis accident attorney.

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